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a dyke named raven // 2002-07-22

last night, our cat katy vomited on the television. her puke completely fried the tube. it was amazing on first sight, then made me realize (yet again) why these animals used to be worshipped.

rest of weekend was restful, quiet, sssh, get your hands off me it's too hot, etc.

hopefully, we'll be moving into a new house in a couple weeks. one that's owned by a leather/SM dyke named raven who has a goatee thicker than yours. her home is cinematic and her yard is filled with fruit tress. apple and plum, i think i saw pears.

there, i felt the edge-of-world life san francisco failed to offer. a little tree-lined street where people might just look out for you as much as they do for themselves. hey look, i baked you a pie.

it didn't hurt that the rough-looking men working on their cars took a second to eye and nod. if only one of them had wiped a beer bottle across their forehead after they gave us the nod, well, i'd know for sure it was meant to be.

sure's going to be a hot one today.


to continue a theme, i don't find it surprising that people who purchase creme frappuccinos also buy elastic waist pants.

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