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valiant efforts // 2002-07-18

this phrase just popped into my head:

next time, i'll use my right hand.

but it was quickly replaced with:

when we die, our friends slowly forget us, our contributions to the world, such as they are, begin to fade away and our lovely bodies, these givers of so much joy and pleaure and pain and shock, these vessels of our hopes and dreams and thoughts and love, they just disintegrate and eventually disappear as their component parts are added back to the matter pool...unless we are ted williams or walt disney in which case, we are frozen and maintained at a great expenditure of time, money and resources which, if you think about it, is pretty sucky.

and as some people know:

i drove the valiant today. it runs like a dream, if you dream of boats.

yes, i did just thay thailors.

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