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viet numb // 2002-06-18

last night, gar and i folded ourselves into beth and jarid's studio and ate some delicious vietnamese food. those two are moving to champaign-urbana, illinois so beth can get her master's in library science (rad).

jarid and i have leapfrogged over one another for the past 8 years and both landed here in seattle. i thought we were going to grow older together - sit on the porch, count moles, listen to records and such. or, i thought they'd be here at least another couple years.

but now they're 6 weeks away from leaving. the studio is teetering with art supplies and clothing. it was incredibly exciting. and, yeah, sad, too.

it reminded gar and me about our move from san francisco to seattle, and how long ago it seems. we pulled out the road atlas when we got home. i traced over highways with my finger and guessed that c-u is about 3 hours from chicago. then i said we could drive straight there in a day and a half.

meanwhile, isn't ca phe sua da the best? i mean, the french can piss off for colonizing vietnam in the late 19th century. but thankfully, they left all their condensed milk behind when they bailed. mmm.

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