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triangulate // 2002-06-19

here at work, i'm watching an older japanese woman do tai-chi on the patio of her 5th floor apartment. she's making these ridiculously dope scissor-cut moves with her hands. i will steal her techniques and make them mine, for reals.

her residence is next to the bush hotel, which promises that it is both modern and fireproof in striking times new roman along the top of the building.

if i draw a horizontal line between the apartment and the hotel, then angle both ends of that line inward to a point, they connect to this white sticker affixed to my window. the sticker appeared a couple weeks back, and naturally the first thing i did was try and pick it off. i walked the length of the floor and noticed stickers on other windows. (yeah, the pink triangle/scarlet letter comparisons cropped up. you couldn't help but feel targeted in some secret way. which is totally exciting.)

any thrill was tamped down when i found out the real secret of the sticker: in the event of a fire, firefighters will opt to shoot out my window to provide an accessible point from which people can jump.

the sticker is positioned about 5 feet from me. at neck-level.

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