a k 2 8 . d i a r y l a n d . c o m

(maybe you do this, too) // 2002-09-13

i underline the words i don't know while reading. i'd buy a used book that's underlined over one in minty condition. and let's not start on the subject of records that have been signed by their previous owners.

couldn't sleep last night so i got back into billy pilgrim's head. then katy came in the room and vomited a perfect figure 8. it augmented the experience

underlined 'medodious'. what does that mean. gorgonness? near middle ground? hmm. could go get the oed but i didn't have my shawl.

this will end poorly and with a diminished entertainment factor. it was typo, obviously. i felt played. like maybe it was there on purpose.

everybody needs an editor
and i'm hoping you could be mine
i'll give you credit for the defects that you edit out
and pay the ransom for the things you took for granted

so it goes.

 ecce & homo