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i said s-s-s-swirkle, y'all // 2002-07-16

the summer makes hot drinks passe, but you will never, ever catch me with a swirkle from tully's. i'll never pay $4 to lisp in front of any one.

today my head is a garden of such numbers: 3007, 80, 29. and all i can do is wonder about this future sad perfect tense in which i write responses to neophyte web-developers. i am having a hard time being serious with the flutter of stressy e-mails. (let's just say when i was living inside mom, coping strategies didn't make it in the uterus and were absorbed.)

so it's back to online magazines. the best thing i have read today is some new jersey metalloid's top-10 album list. the best line from it: his nickname in french meant the equivalent of "the man with two haircuts".

quelle absurd, indeed. i should not make so much fun of the french. count me in for frenchy harp lessons because it's the future.

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