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exfoliating in space // 2002-08-05

me and gar-gar are taking care of fishmael's and ikahana's dog this week while they are in tucson. we're also staying in their house, which is a blast. first of all, they have the best shower ever. it's a stand-up pod with a curved, slidable door that feels like it was stolen straight from a drawing of sputnik. all that's missing is an extra comrade to help bring much-needed moisture* to the surface.

second, how could you not love this dog?

in a weird related note, i watched romy and michelle's last night. weird because they travel back to tucson for their reunion. and i think fishmael and ikahana packed their black powersuits?

*like so many others, i have major major issues with the word moist. especially when it precedes "gay love".

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