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cured meats with ted // 2002-07-25

salumi truly is a stunning seattle restaurant. by stunning i mean you don't feel like you are in seattle. it's a small family-style type deli that's owned by the parents of mario batali, that red-haired pork sausage you see fogging up the tv with his sweat.

speaking of sausages, salumi does them so right. pork or fennel -- the choice is yours. plus, oxtail. today, halfway through our respective lunches, my pal ted and i swapped plates. we also shared the bean salad and a chilled squash soup. oh, and limonatas with orange and green straws. we were total homos, minus the shopping bags and pomeranians.

extra-dreamy was sitting in the front window. it only fits two, so we got away from the cellphone and halitosis crowd. twice weekly, this little old lady makes cannolis in the same window. i talked with her once, and found she volunteers her time as a way to get out and talk to different people and do something she really loves. she gave me one of her delicious pastries. unsurpassed.

we opened a couple drawers and found some of her wares. confectionary powdered sugar, tubes, a little handmixer. it was so cool i felt like crying. big sugary tears with lime green and multicolored sprinkles.

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