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my i don't want to run day // 2002-07-15

mondays, though they should be happy, can sometimes be quite sad. later, if possible, i'd like a nap. after i cry a bit. a whole oranjeboom bottle full of tears.

it's not so worth going into, because it's all about work. and complaining about work is just trying to be trying. and succeeding. when i feel like this, i try to remember that our youth is banana that goes bad in one day. so we must eat it now.

so instead, i'm listening to some amazing japanese hip-hop ara jane and i just scored. quite worth the import $, especially since i have yet to pay a.j..

and when i feel crappy, i tend to read (or re-read, in some cases) customer reviews on amazon.com. it only sounds lame until you realize i work there. i mean, how can this not make you laugh:

This box can hold only two G.I. Joes and all their equiptment. My friend has this set, and it keeps all his G.I. Joes and things inside it. I wouldn't say this is fun, because how could a box be fun?

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