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some things that have happened and other things i found // 2002-08-19

raven's truck was stolen on saturday night. i think i may have heard it happening. late evening; a mess of footsteps; metal on metal; the screeching tires that sometime stands for victory. welcome to the neighborhood, indeed.

gender ambiguity can be pretty tough, especially mixed with tequila. (thai kickboxers, another example.)

my old pal stacie's fabously-named website features some fucking talented photographers.

my new pal ashley is a fucking talented web designer.

our new neighborhood has a little public library branch, hundreds of hair 'n' nails boutiques, a chai/bubble tea house, two stores that only sell spices, a japanese-owned auto repair shop, and a cafe that curiously opens at 9 on the weekends. and on last night's walk, we saw 4 little black rabbits just hanging out in a spot of grass next to the road. it was cute until one of them started eating poop.

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