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goady-boy // 2002-09-09

jason is a brilliant, natural writer and currently he's in europe. it's a winning combination. see what i mean:

Sorry I haven't written yet. I have been running around seeing stuff. London is amazing, so if you haven't been I suggest you go. I am going to be insufferable when I get back. Did you know there's a Curry flavor Pringles. I saw the Tate Modern. There was art I'd only seen in books. In Soho and China town there are open doorways that advertise for models upstairs. Wow I thought there must be a whole market for models who sit on their asses at home and let photographers come to them. I asked a guy what was the deal? Turns out they're whores. Ah Europe. I went to the movies today and saw Y Tu Mama Tambien. The commercials before the previews are funny there is one english on that is so anti-euro that it equates the euro with Hitler. Previews in Europe have nudity in them. Later.

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