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sleep cycle // 2002-06-20

last night, i woke up craving a whole wheat tortilla. i folded one in half, then in half again (why am i so mathletic, and what is it with triangles?), and ate it while watching katy paw over her kittygrass.

back in bed, i dreamt of peanut butter and jelly. strawberry. this happens now and again.

ara jane and i cut out of work today for a bit and headed downtown for veggie burritos (tels fromage!) and comics. (it's tough to honor my no exclamations rule because i feel like the french language necessitates them.)

we both scored good comics; i think we'd agree that the major find was this compilation of novellas called cinq romans graphiques. no exclamation.

flipping through them, i see restrained color and scenes from everyday lives that help you stay up late. bleary-eyed and returned to a childlike sense of wonder.

the stuff that makes for good sleep.

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