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sick beats // 2002-07-10

patronizing starbuck's on a daily basis in stinky, but they're the only true oil well close to work, aside from tully's assy spew. (although the stoners at tully's are a good lot.)

today was kind of funny though because of the weird gay disco being pumped throughout the cafe. it was like standing on the corner of Homo and Sexual streets, but being the only boy with a tambourine and a clean ass. none of the pod people were reacting, or even thinking twice about the odd juxtaposition of wild house music and starbuck's controlled environment.

i thought surely someone else would find it humorous. good for a quick laugh and all. i spotted Nina Nu-Wave over by the sugarcubes and asked:

"didn't i see you at club starbuck's last week?"


"isn't this music kind of funny here?"


she walked away.

it reminded me of nothing from my childhood, when my father and i would pick tazoberries in the field behind the briar patch.

 ecce & homo