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the admiral 20 // 2002-07-17

my new (old) record player is coming with me to work. soon. it's an admiral 20, one of those post-WWII players that looks like a suitcase and has an arm as big as a baby's. it also has a little cart so you can roll it out at your next cotillion. (guess i really do hate the french

the best thing is that it plays 78s, so i can finally hear all the jazz and blues records i've picked up at yardsales. picture some project manager getting al itchy with you while jellyroll morton's incomparables winds its way around their heart. they'll be yours forever.

the admiral 20 also plays 16 2/3 records, which i've never heard of. if any one knows anything about them, kindly let me know.

this may read like a dire attempt to re-create my home at work, but i promise to never buy a zen rock garden from across the street. okay.

in other vintage news, tomorrow, i'm test-driving a 1973 plymouth valiant (that's the year i was born). it's brown, with a rebuilt slant-266 engine. a nice polish boy is selling it, and his wife's aunt was the first owner. good vibes. i'm thinking what else do i need to know.


to update yesterday, here's a follow-up haiku:

tazoberries, picked
fresh for an evening swirkle.
we will all die soon.

 ecce & homo