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on 14th // 2002-07-02

my frighteningly-weird déjà vu struck last night.

frightening because it has come to a point where i know how a situation is going to play out; weird since it almost always involves an adult and a child.

i was walking home from work around 7. a couple blocks from my house, a young girl and her little brother were heading my way. little brother was jumping around and acting the clown; big sister was not having any of it. i knew that she was going to start yelling and someone was going to come out and yell at her.

and that's what happened. big sister lost it and suddenly mother was out on the sidewalk - hollering from 50 yards away. it was as if she knew something was up a second before it happened.

sister turned her attention away from brother and started yelling back. it was an indecipherable tirade that only schultz could illustrate (think: lucy).

it all ended with mother's brilliant reply:

"don't hurry back."

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