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best e-mail ever // 2003-03-25

just went to the sole show at the empty bottle on sat. and he was playing with this suweet 'cellist and maybe we might (the 'cellist, alexander kort, whom you can hear at alexanderkort.com) try some colaboration in the future and it's all your fault 'cause you introduced me to anticon so thanks. go see the show if it comes to seattle because it's really good. also playing with doug from june of 44 and him and some other guys from mice parade and adam who runs bubblecore records and we might probably go play in spain in july so that's cool too. the record's really nice, coming out in june i think; i only played on one song but now i've replaced the horns and vocalist as well. i suck at singing but i'm trying to get better. we played a show at south by southwest and my monitor didn't work and i sounded like tony clifton.
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