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i'm sorry miss blackwell, i am fah reeeel // 2003-01-22

i hope i am as with-it and synaptic as my friend michael when i am 52:

the mountains were cold and icy
and snowy beautiful
and good tasting
I had Beeninstich on my way home
its from a German bakery in Leevenwerth
it is so deeliciouslucious
the drive was visually one of the best parts
You are Vunderbar

Formulating this new year
trying to ignore WAR
give peace a chance
we shall overcome
joy grace peace power innocence

Devil's in the alley
marys in the hall
I was dreamin I was sleepin
i need somethin strong
We need to go eat Vietnamese
and visit and talk
Aldus Huxley died a long time ago
run baby

 ecce & homo