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i need to go swallow some vomit now // 2003-01-10

i got to edit this news item today:


British actor HUGH GRANT gave SANDRA BULLOCK a gift that proved a little tough to swallow - sperm-smeared clotted cream. The FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL hunk, who treated his TWO WEEKS NOTICE co-star to the traditional British dairy delight while they made their movie together, decided he'd add a little more flavour to the cream to test the sharpness of her tastebuds. He says, "I gave her two pots of clotted cream from Devon. When I went to England during the shoot she asked me to get her some clotted cream because she loves that stuff.

"I brought her back two pots and one of them was normal and the other one contained some sperm. I asked her to taste the difference.

"She loved it!"

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