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locks of ages // 2002-12-05

one thing i still do is: when i can't sleep, i lay there in bed real still-like, pretending someone has broken into the house and the only way i'll be okay is if i am completely calm and quiet. motionless. it usually works. and if it doesn't, i just toss my krill at garland then crash.

one thing i don't do anymore is: carry around pictures of people whose hair i admire, so i can have my stylist duplicate the look on my next visit.

the last time this happened was in ninth grade. i really liked what the bass player from def leppard was doing, hair-wise. well, and musically, too. pyromania was just so enduring. but anyway, i clipped a photo of him (clipped!) from circus magazine and held on to it so my mom's friend suzi could see it as soon as i saved up enough money for a perm (perm!).

months later, i had chestnut-brown tresses in my eyes and down my back. i was the laughing stock of dover high school, never mind its class secretary.

thank god i found hardcore by the end of the year.

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